10 Cinematographers to Watch

“Sarah Cawley seems to know how to make any medium work visually.”

Fay Grim, Sundance Film Festival

“On a small budget, cinematographer Sarah Cawley Cabiya makes international locations like the Bosporus and Turkish streets look big.”

Fay Grim, Toronto Film Festival

“Sarah Cawley Cabiya's high-def cinematography, with all those expressionistic fun house angles, neatly sets the off-balance, anything-can-happen stage for all that is to follow.”

Fay Grim

“Action sequences accomplished with freeze-frames that look as if they were ripped from some avant-garde German fashion magazine form a stop-motion ballet, visually energizing the beautifully shot (by Sarah Cawley Cabiya) high-definition film.”

A Futuristic Farce in Manhattan

“[Hal] Hartley says when he began prepping The Girl From Monday, "I didn't have to think too much about asking Sarah to be the cinematographer.”